Hôtel Particulier

Le Grand Salon

40    people seated

60    people standing

40    people in theater setup

70 m²

Elegant private room open on the garden

Enjoy the confidential atmosphere during a day time event or a festive ambiance at night time.

Sound system available

Le Très Particulier

42   people seated

60   people standing

30   people theater setup

Bar : 34 m² + Verrière : 49m²

This space includes the the bar,

the elegant patio and the garden.

Dinner, cocktail or a dancing night;

this space is also perfect for a business lunch.

Sound system available

Les Suites

1 à 10    people seated 

15    people standing

15    people theater setup

5 Suites 35 to 85 m²

Five Suites, five ambiances!

With a view on the Eiffel tower or above Paris.

Baroque style, contemporary

or with a suspended garden. 

Each room brings you to a unique scenery.

Perfect for an “unusual” event!

Les Jardins

80 people seated

100    people standing

900 m² 

Designed by Louis Benech, landscaper of Tuileries gardens, these ones here

are classified as the biggest in town.

A lovely paradise where it is great to chill.

Ideal for a Spring or Summer event!


  • Air conditioning 
  • Cloak room
  • Wifi
  • Sound system
  • Couches
  • Armchairs
  • Tables
  • Greeting desk